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5 Reasons Why You Really Need A Cat Fountain

Cat fountains have become really popular lately. Are you thinking about making the switch? Here are 5 reasons why you really need a cat fountain.

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(Already know you want one? Skip to the end to see our 3 most recommended cat fountains!)

1) Running water tastes better!

Nobody likes drinking that stagnant glass of water on their bedside table in the morning so why make your cat drink water that’s been sat in a bowl all day?

Cats in the wild prefer drinking from running water rather than stagnant pools and your cat is no different. 

Banjo definitely prefers to drink running water. If I turn the tap on to get a glass of water or simply to wash my hands, he magically appears to drink from the tap. He’ll even try to drink from my glass if I don’t leave the tap on for him! This was one of the main reasons why I got him a cat fountain.

Moving water tastes fresher as it is more oxygenated. Fresher water = more drinking = less chance of dehydration which takes us on to reason number 2…

2) Cats have a low thirst drive

Cats don’t get the urge to drink very often. Dehydration isn’t good for any species so we need to do our best to keep our cats hydrated.

Cat fountains can help to create intrigue. Your cat will be drawn to the sound of the running water and may be more tempted to drink while they’re there. 

Banjo loves the three layers on his cat fountain. He switches which part he drinks from all the time.

3) Drier food than in the wild

Many domestic cats eat a dry food diet nowadays.

However, their wild ancestors would have hunted small animals for food.

This means that in general, cats are getting much less water in to their systems via food than they used to in the wild. Therefore, they need to drink more to stay hydrated.

4) Cats have difficulty seeing the water level

Have you ever seen your cat putting their foot in their water bowl?

They aren’t playing with it.

Cats struggle to see where the water level is. They don’t just want to put their face in and hope for the best; they test it out with their paw instead!

With the running water from cat fountains, it is easier for the cats to identify the water level. 

5) Whisker fatigue!

Whisker fatigue is a thing!

Cat’s whiskers are extremely sensitive. They send signals to your cat all the time.

If your cats’s whiskers touch the rim of their water bowl, they may get information overload which causes them stress.

This is easy to fix. Cat fountains often have several drinking areas including a wide area for your cat’s whiskers to fit in comfortably.

But what about the noise, the maintenance & my electricity bill?


Cat fountains tend to be noisier when they are running low on water. As long as you keep them topped up (and the pump & filter clean), most of them are fairly quiet.


Similar to simple cat bowls, you’ll have to wash it. However, due to the moving water, it’ll need cleaning less regularly. Most recommend cleaning your cat fountain once a week.

Cat fountains come with a pump and a filter.

The pump will need cleaning every few weeks to ensure there are no blockages building up (depending on product). This is simple and usually just involves taking the cap off the pump, taking out the removable parts, washing them and putting it back together.

Each fountain will have a recommended time for changing it’s filters but usually filters need to be changed every 1-2 months. Filters usually just slot in to the allocated space in the fountain.

Electicity Cost

Most cat fountains tend to have quite low wattage. This means they are quite cheap to run all the time. Our recommendations below have wattage information (if available).

Our 3 most recommended cat fountains:

Pet Mate (Cat Mate) Drinking Water Fountain

  • 2 Litre capacity
  • Multi-height drinking levels
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Safe, low voltage power supply with 3m power cable
  • 2 Watts
  • Adjustable flow rate
  • Replace filter monthly
  • Clean pump every few weeks

This is the fountain I have for Banjo at the moment. It is fairly quiet unless the water level drops too low. He likes to drink from all of the different sections and it’s easy to clean. The top section comes off of the base for easy cleaning.

See it on Amazon

PetKit Smart Pet Drinking Fountain

  • 2 Litre capacity
  • Bubbling water reduces water noise
  • Easy removable refillable tank
  • Eco-friendly
  • Light alerts for refilling water & changing filter
  • Smart mode (energy efficient) & normal mode
  • Replace filter every 4 weeks with Normal mode & 12 weeks with Smart mode

I really like the alerts on this fountain to make sure you keep it filled up and filters clean. It is so important for all fountains not to let them run dry. This fountain from PetKit automatically turns off when the water level gets too low. Also, you’ll never have to remember when to change the filter again!

See it on Amazon

Chasehill Cat/Dog Water Fountain

  • 2.4 Litre capacity
  • Water runs from a white flower into a stainless steel tray (dishwasher safe)
  • Quiet pump sound
  • Water level indicator
  • 2 Watts
  • Replace filter every 1-2 months

I like the use of stainless steel instead of plastic where the water sits in this fountain. The water running off the flower also gives it a bit more intrigue and fun for the cat. However, it’s not so easy to remove the stainless steel tray for cleaning (without spills) as it is with the other two fountains.

See it on Amazon

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