3 Ways Rescuing a Pet will Change Your Life

Recently, we’ve seen a tremendous increase in pet adoption (of dogs in particular). We’ve been avid supporters of animal rescue since long before covid.

Way back in 2018, a beautiful little dog was out for their daily walk with their fosterer. She now had a nice warm home with toys and all the strokes she wanted. Much better than where she’d been before on the streets. But something still wasn’t quite right. This wasn’t her forever home.

Then, one random Sunday, she found her way to the shop where I worked at the time and that was it! It was the very first day of the new me, the person that belonged to Luna (or Jemima as she was called then!)

Luna came home on 1st September 2018 and immediately pooped on the lounge carpet. Bad start. Luckily for me, she soon got the hang of toileting outside. She settled into her new routine fairly quickly although she was very anxious. She needed lots of reassurance and companionship to start with. We went through months of positive training and socialising under the guidance of a dog behaviourist. He helped Luna get settled in a group class which allowed her to progress even further with her training.

Eventually, we became best friends and started to understand one another. We both love walks and snacks and exploring the woods. She’s a very independent dog although demands strokes whenever she wants them and of course I’m happy to oblige!

owner and dog in woods

Three things I learned from adopting a pet

I learned THREE really important truths: 

  1. It’s okay to say no à When Luna doesn’t want to go for a walk, she’s not going for a walk and nothing will change her mind and that’s okay
  2. Afternoon naps are sometimes the best option à We all need some more rest in our busy lives
  3. Things take time to learn and achieve à Luna was a very anxious dog when she arrived, and it’s taken a long time to learn that things are safe but she’s a much more relaxed dog these days

On top of these, not only did I help Luna with her anxiety but she supports me with mine which is an extra bonus!

Luna was part of the inspiration behind starting Surrounded By Animals. I had many struggles finding suitable food and supplies for her and my other pets that I thought there must be a better way. Luna and her friends test all the products we stock to make sure they are suitable for purpose.

Interested in Adoption?

For more information about animal rescue and adoption in East Sussex we highly recommend these fabulous organizations. 

Did you adopt your pet? We’d love to hear about your adoption journey! Share your pet’s journey with us.

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