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Luna is 4 today! The best way to celebrate your dog’s birthday

It’s Luna’s birthday! She’s 4 today (possibly!). As she’s a stray rescue, we don’t know her exact birthday but we’ve celebrated today. Why not find out what we got up to so you can get some top tips to help you celebrate your dog’s birthday?

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Celebrate your dog's birthday with...

Extra food! I don’t know about your dog, but Luna is obsessed with food and is always begging for more. So, she got a treat on her birthday with slightly more regular biscuits throughout the day.

Note: this should only be a birthday treat. Overfeeding will lead to obesity.

also Celebrate with...

Presents! Everyone wants presents on their birthday so why not on your dog’s birthday too? Luna was lucky and got two presents this year. View the video below to watch her open her new toy.

Evening arrives and it’s now time for Luna’s second present. She managed to unwrap this one much quicker which turned out to be a Whimzee’s rice bone. She thoroughly enjoyed chewing that one.

Finally Celebrate with...

Cake! Or cake substitutes in our case. I know you can make and buy dog cakes and there’s even a recipe in this book but Luna would have scoffed it in a few seconds so I decided to make some smaller treats which I could spread out.

I used this book to bake Luna’s tasty birthday treats. Simple to follow instructions with lots of different dog friendly recipes to try.

I decided to bake some “mitey oats” as we already had the four necessary ingredients. They are pretty much just oats and marmite and as Luna enjoys pinching marmite on toast I figured she would probably like them! As you can see below, she’s eager to eat them and the recipe allows you to make plenty of them very cheaply.

a tray of homemade dog treats
dog waiting patiently for a treat
dog eating a homemade treat

Just like human birthdays, dogs also enjoy food, presents and cake. So, why not get ready for your dog’s birthday and give them a wonderful day? After all, they deserve to be spoiled every now and then.

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