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10 Ways To Prepare For Fireworks To Keep Your Pet Happy

It’s that time of year again when fireworks are let off and pets hide behind the sofas. The loud and unpredictable bangs from fireworks can scare a lot of pets so we’ve got 10 ways to help you prepare for fireworks to keep your pet happy.

Tips To Prepare For Fireworks!

1) Shut Pets In

The first thing to consider when fireworks are likely to be going off is keeping your pets indoors.

Keep dogs in. Shut cats in and provide them with a litter tray. Small furries could also be brought in for the night if they live outside. If you can’t bring your small furries in, throw an old duvet or blanket over their hutch to muffle the sounds and lights of the fireworks.

2) Make Sure They Can Be Returned If They Escape

If your pet does manage to escape through fear, make sure they can be found easily. Make sure their microchip information is up to date (Dogs are required to be microchipped by law). If your dog doesn’t always wear his collar at home, pop it on with his ID tag just in case.

3) Walk Dogs Early

Walk your dog early to make sure you are home before the fireworks start. Your dog will be more likely to get spooked by the fireworks if you’re still out and about when they start.

4) Make A Cosy Den

Does your pet have somewhere they often go to hide? Make it extra cosy with blankets, their bed and their favourite things. They’ll feel safer in their hiding spot if it smells like them. 

You could cover a dog crate with an old duvet or blanket to make it more snug and dark which will also muffle the sounds.

Give your small furries plenty of extra bedding to hide in to make them feel safe.

If your pet chooses to hide when the fireworks start, leave them be. They’ll come out when they feel ready.

5) Provide Background Noise

Playing music or having the television on will help to drown out the noise of the fireworks. Close curtains to block out the flashing lights and muffle the sounds a little.

6) Licking Is Calming

The action of licking helps to calm dogs down. Give them puzzle toys to lick to help distract and calm them. Try a lickimat or a kong with some peanut butter.

7) Desensitise Your Pet

Get your pet used to the sounds of fireworks by playing some audio very quietly. Then as your pet adjusts to the noise, gradually increase the volume bit by bit making sure they are relaxed and comfortable with the noise before each increase.

8) Try Calming Pheromones & Supplements

If your pet gets very stressed by fireworks, you might want to consider using various pheromones and supplements to help relax them.

Dogs: Try an ADAPTIL Phermomone diffuser in your dog’s favourite room. For extra support, try YuCALM or Zylkene supplements which contain ingredients that have been proven to calm your pet and ease anxiety.

Cats: Try a Feliway Pheromone diffuser in your cat’s favourite room. For extra support, try YuCALM supplements which contains natural ingredients specifically for calming your cat.

9) Use A Thundershirt

Thundershirts have been shown to reduce anxiety in dogs. They act similarly to swaddling a baby to make them feel safe. They can be used to help decrease anxiety in a range of situations such as fireworks, travelling and separation anxiety.

10) Act Normally

Continue with your evening as normally as possible. Pets pick up on tiny changes so seeing you continue normally even though the fireworks are going off will help to reassure them that everything is okay.

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