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Let’s Make a Difference for the Animals of Raystede Centre for Animal Welfare

Each morning I wake up and Luna greets me at the bottom of the stairs with a very waggy tail. Banjo is usually waiting in the kitchen for his morning meow greeting! As the love of Christmas approaches, I can’t help but think about how thankful I am to share my life with them. The love my pets show me each day makes me want to help other people have that very same experience.

In honour of the large impact of little things, I’ve decided to hold a big donation drive for Raystede Centre for Animal Welfare – and I’d love for you to be a part of it! I’m doing this along with members of my Working with Dog pet business community to help animals in our own community and all around the world! 

This year I will be collecting donations to benefit: Raystede Centre for Animal Welfare

I chose Raystede because I love volunteering there. The animals didn’t ask to be there and I love being able to make their lives a little bit better. The rescue has a good set up to give the animals the best life they can while they’re waiting to be adopted. The staff are very caring and dedicated to the animals and work hard to look after the animals as well as finding them great forever homes. I’ve currently got 5 ex-Raystede guinea pigs: Duke, Delilah, Daisy, Diddy & Dusk!

When our community provides essential supplies that keep pets fed, healthy, and happy, Raystede can devote their financial resources to things like:

  • more comfortable facilities
  • increased medical care
  • stronger community programs like their local education programme
a group of 4 guinea pigs eating a pile of hay

It takes a lot to provide the basics of animal care. Food, treats, towels, cat litter, puppy pads, toys, and enrichment add up to thousands of pounds every year. So, I’ll be collecting the following to donate:

  • Cat toys
  • Scratching posts
  • Cat food – Felix pouches
  • Cat litter & high sided, easy access trays – Catsan
  • Cat beds
  • Dog toys (durable)
  • Fluffy Blankets
  • Dog beds
  • Dog food – Forthglade
  • Dog treats – Harringtons/Forthglade/Natures Menu/Pet Munchies
  • Dog chews – Nylabone
  • Parrot/bird enrichment
  • Small animal & rabbit treats – Oxbow Baked Treats
  • Small animal & rabbit toys
  • Small animal & rabbit tunnels & houses
  • Guinea Pig/Rabbit Food – Burgess Nuggets

If you’re not sure what to donate, I’ve set up an Amazon Wish List of required items so you can get them delivered straight to me to add to the collection.

Let's Do This Together!

Instead of boring shipping boxes sent by post and opened by a single staff member, it’s so much more fun to fill up the rescue’s reception area with a BIG PILE of presents all at once, to share the giving spirit and holiday warmth with everyone who works, volunteers, visits, or adopts. 

As you head out to shop these next few weeks, keep this wish list with you. Purchase an item or two on each trip or go on a big shopping spree if you like.

How To Donate:

  • Donate straight to me – 4 Eastbourne Road, Willingdon, BN20 9LB
  • Donate to my local post office – 116 Wish Hill, Eastbourne, BN20 9HL
  • Order an item from my Amazon Wish list to be delivered direct to me

On Friday 2nd December, I will be packing up my car and delivering all your donations straight to Raystede.

How To Share:

I’ll be sharing social posts (as well as photos of the growing pile of donations) between now and then so you can share in the celebration as we grow our pile of presents higher and higher these next few weeks. 

I also encourage you to share your donated gifts on your own social media, too! Follow my posts on Facebook, share, or post your own pics with the hashtag #mydifference4animals. 

Let’s shower the pets at Raystede with holiday cheer for Christmas! Reach out to me here ( to add your donation to our gathering of gifts, and be sure to tell your co-workers, friends and family!

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