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Local Dog-Lovers Guide To East Sussex

Life in East Sussex is excellent. We’ve got the beach, the countryside, and towns. What more could you want? Ah yes, places that are great for both you and your dog.

There is so much to do together around here, so Luna and I have put together a quick list of our absolute favourite dog-friendly places and things around East Sussex so you can have lots of fun with your dog!

The Big Barn is a bookable, secure play area for dogs. There is an indoor barn, an outdoor 2-acre secure field and a smaller secure sandpit area. All three areas have agility equipment in them for your dogs to explore.

I love this location to be able to let Luna run off-lead without fear of losing her or bumping into other dogs. She has a great time running around with her doggy friends during our monthly meet-ups.

Letting dogs run off-lead is really important for their wellbeing. Dogs need off-lead exercise to feel like their needs are being met. They burn off lots of excess energy but also dogs just really like to run! You’ll have the peace of mind knowing they can explore whatever they like at their own pace whilst being fully secure in the area.

Don’t forget to bring your dog’s favourite snacks and toys because you’ll want to encourage them to go over the agility equipment!

Interested in booking a slot at The Big Barn? You can find booking details on their website.

Have you ever sat eating your favourite biscuits and had hungry puppy eyes staring up at you?

Do you give in and give them some of your biscuit?

Do you feel guilty about giving it to them?

Feel guilty no more. Bark and Bake have created dog biscuits that resemble our own favourites! Choose from Puppy Dodgers, Pup-reos, Pawbons, Dogestives and more. They even come in a Family Favourites biscuit tin!

These biscuits are all made with dog-friendly ingredients so there is no more guilt or worry about what you’re treating your dog with.

The lovely creators at Bark and Bake were on the stall next to me at a Winter Fayre a couple of years ago and I couldn’t believe how delicious all of the dog biscuits looked.

Want to keep your biscuits to yourself? Treat your dog to their own biscuits from Bark And Bake.

It’s always nice to change up your scenery from time to time. We all need to relax and unwind from busy life. This 100% includes our dogs. If you’ve never been to Abbots Wood before or are just looking for a new spot, then I highly recommend you test it out.

I first visited Abbots Wood with Luna when I was looking for a place where she could sniff lots of exciting smells and potentially go off-lead. There are several main trails you can follow around the woods or many small paths that cut through the trees. We’ve had lots of great adventures wandering through the trees over there.

As we go there so often, we have a Forestry England membership. This is a fixed fee for the year instead of pay-per-park. This means the more times you visit, the less it costs to park!

Visit Forestry England today to find out more information about Abbots Wood and other local woods.

Now I know vets are not the most popular places in your dog’s mind. However, they are very important.

I am lucky to know John who is fantastic with dogs! He works at St Anne’s Veterinary Group and is very good with nervous, anxious dogs.

This is who I bring Luna to for her routine checks and for any other problems she’s having. She’s not very good with strangers and is generally an anxious dog so vet visits are a cause of stress for us.

She recently developed a limp and John was very good at keeping her calm during the appointment and was very respectful while checking her over. He was excellent at reading her body language and knew when she’d had enough and it was time for him to stop examining her.

It is so important that you find a good vet that will build a bond with your pet. You never know when you may really need their help.

You can register your pet with St Annes on their website.

I love Raystede, it’s a hidden gem that I’d not heard of for a long time. It’s a local rescue shelter that takes in and rehomes cats, dogs, small animals, birds, horses and even goats!

Dogs are welcome on the site (except right by the cats and small animals) and there is a dog-friendly trail in one area so you can explore with your dog. Also, there is a shop and a cafe where you can stop for a snack and a drink.

Although entry into Raystede is free, you need a book a ticket to enter.

Book your ticket to visit Raystede Centre for Animal Welfare on their website.

Know of an awesome dog-friendly spot that I missed? Send me a message on Facebook and let me know! I’m always looking for new places to check out.

Surrounded By Animals is also based in East Sussex! We stock lots of high-quality products for your dog. You can view all our dog products here.

I like to stock products that help dog owners have an easier life without the overwhelm. Do you have products that you and your dog love that you think we should stock? Send us a message on Facebook to let us know.

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