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3 Ways Helping Animal Shelters Matters This Christmas

We’re currently in the middle of our international holiday givathon helping animal shelters in our local communities.

Our pile of presents for Raystede Centre For Animal Welfare is growing. Check out hashtag #mydifference4animals to see the international impact pet businesses all over the world are having!

I can’t wait to load up my car on 2nd December to bring these generous donations to Raystede!

If you haven’t had a chance to join in the fun with your own contribution to our Holiday Giveathon, I will be accepting donations until 30th November. No donation is too small.

Why should we be helping animal shelters?

1) ‘Tis the season for community

  • Animal shelters keep the community safe by providing shelter for stray, frightened animals.
  • They help people who have found a pet in need and who don’t know quite what to do.
  • They have a great educational programme for both children and adults.
  • Their adoption system connects homeless animals with individuals and families looking for a pet to love and care for.

As a pet business, we are part of our wide animal-loving community, too, and helping the animal organisations in our local area fits with our mission to help people and pets live their very best lives together. Best of all, helping Raystede is something we can do together!

2) It’s the thought that counts

Working and volunteering for an animal shelter, animal rescue, or any organisation that supports both people and pets is hard work.

Sure, it is amazingly rewarding when a pet finds a loving home, or a stray, timid dog grows glossy and happy. But rescue workers bust their butts every day, and have to deal with sad stories as well. Days can go by without someone thinking to say “thank you for everything you do.”

By helping to make our pile of holiday donations big enough to provide a gift for every pet, you’re sharing your thankfulness in a way that spreads Christmas cheer to everyone.

3) You get to help change the world for animals – and the people who love them

Every year, more and more animals find loving homes because every year shelters and rescues get better at finding ways to prevent animals from becoming homeless in the first place. 

If you’re looking for a way to improve the lives of animals in our world year after year, giving to Raystede is a great way to do it!

So, here’s our wish list! Why not add to the donations we’ve already gathered and be part of a fabulous Holiday Giveathon that will help countless animals.

  • Cat toys
  • Scratching posts
  • Cat food – Felix pouches
  • Cat litter & high sided, easy access trays – Catsan
  • Cat beds
  • Dog toys (durable)
  • Fluffy Blankets
  • Dog beds
  • Dog food – Forthglade
  • Dog treats – Harringtons/Forthglade/Natures Menu/Pet Munchies
  • Dog chews – Nylabone
  • Parrot/bird enrichment
  • Small animal & rabbit treats – Oxbow Baked Treats
  • Small animal & rabbit toys
  • Small animal & rabbit tunnels & houses
  • Guinea Pig/Rabbit Food – Burgess Nuggets

If you’re not sure what to donate, I’ve set up an Amazon Wish List of required items so you can get them delivered straight to me to add to the collection.

For more information on how to donate, see our last blog post.

Drop me an email before 30th November 2022 and let’s show the staff of Raystede just how much their life-saving work matters to our community.

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