How to get the perfect fit

silhouette of dog

Our dog collars come in eight colours and four sizes:

  • 10mm x 20-35cm
  • 15mm x 30-45cm
  • 20mm x 40-55cm
  • 25mm x 50-65cm


How to choose the correct size for your dog:

  1. Measure the circumference of your dog’s neck.

              Note: you should allow enough space to fit two fingers inside the collar

  2. Check your measurement against the sizing above.

              For example, my dog’s neck measures 39cm including a gap for two of my fingers.

    I then look at the range of cm’s on the sizing above. 39cm fits in the 30-45cm range so I would choose the 15mm x 30-45cm collar.

View our full range of dog collars here.

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