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10 Fun Bonding Activities To Do With Your Dog

We’ve got 10 fun bonding activities for you to do with your dog! Enjoying fun activities with your dog not only strengthens your bond but also is a great way to add physical and mental stimulation to your pup’s life, which promotes overall good health.

Luna and I love exploring new areas along the South Downs Way especially woodland areas where there are lots of good smells! Whether you have a new puppy or old faithful by your side there are many ways to have fun with your dog!

Go On A Walking Tour Of Your Local Area

Play tourist in your own town! We are lucky and live close to the sea and the hills so quite often we go wandering and see where the path takes us! We’re always discovering beautiful new places. Grab your walking gear and go for an exploration around your area’s most pet-friendly spots.

Create A Social Media Fan Page

Are you and your pup ready to be internet sensations? Creating a TikTok or Instagram page with your dog is one of the most enjoyable ways to show off just how incredible your bond is. Not into managing a budding social media star? Share a photo of your dog every week on your own social media profile. Here’s a photo of Luna on one of her Wednesday Walkies!

Play Together!

Everybody loves playing and your dog will thank you for an extra play session. Try a game of fetch or tug or even hide and seek! Need a new flying disc for fetch? Check out the Zogoflex Zisc which comes in 3 bright colours.

Take Some Cute Photos Together

Pose with your furry friend at the local spot in your town with a little character, and you’re bound to get all the Instagram likes.

Or Book A Photoshoot With A Professional Pet Photographer

Smartphone photos are great, but nothing catches the sparkle and soul and in your dog’s eyes like an experienced pet photographer. Plus, you can turn it into an art canvas that’s a focal point in your home, making you smile every time you see it!

Sign Up For A Subscription Box For Your Both

Treat yourself and your canine companion to a monthly goodie box! Get a treat subscription box for your dog and a fun one for yourself. Pro Tip: If you’re getting separate boxes for each of you, schedule them for delivery on the same day each month so you can share your surprises together!

Enjoy A Stay On A Pet-Friendly Holiday

Dogs are welcomed guests at some of the most exciting places across the world. Luna is still getting used to going on trips in the car but we’re building up to be able to go away. We have a Forestry England membership to explore our local woodlands and they offer members 10% off at Forest Holidays so we’d love to be able to take advantage of that! If your pup travels well, plan a mini vacation for the two of you. Splurge on luxuries like pet-pampering packages for the ultimate FUN!

Netflix And Nap

Rainy days don’t mean you can’t have fun with your dog! All you need is the comfiest spot on the couch, a canine-friendly flick and a few hours to nap the afternoon away. 

Learn A Fun New Sport Or Mini-Sport

Maybe learning an entire agility course isn’t on your list of goals, but how about introducing your dog to a single tunnel or a few simple jumps?

Cook A Dinner For Two

…or three, four or more if you have a whole group of furry friends. You can find treat recipes online (frozen yogurt dipped strawberries – yum!)

Or you can even buy a recipe book

I hope you like these examples of bonding activities to do with your dog. Which activity will you try first?

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