How to prevent boredom with easy dog and cat games

Unable to get outside with your dog? Perhaps you’re housebound or maybe you’ve been told to self-isolate during this coronavirus epidemic. Either way, dogs can become destructive without enough exercise. Therefore, mental stimulation becomes even more important if you cannot get them out for a walk. Although cats tend to be less destructive than dogs, Read More

Luna is 4 today! The best way to celebrate your dog’s birthday

It’s Luna’s birthday! She’s 4 today (possibly!). As she’s a stray rescue, we don’t know her exact birthday but we’ve celebrated today. Why not find out what we got up to so you can get some top tips to help you celebrate your dog’s birthday? ** This post may contain affiliate links, which means I Read More

Take your dog swimming at the beach for fun

Dogs need adventure and excitement to keep them stimulated and happy. There are so many different smells and textures for their paws to keep their brain working. Just remember to bring a towel when you take your dog swimming in the sea! Things to check before your dog swims Check whether your local beaches allow Read More

How to make unique c&c cages for your guinea pigs

Do you have a perfect space for your piggies but don’t know which cage would be best? C&C cages are perfect indoor cages because they can be adapted for size and shape to fit any space and design you’d like. This article will show you the few items neccessary to build c&c cages as well Read More

How to pass Level 1 Dog Obedience training with ease

There are many different types of dog obedience training all around the world. In the UK, the largest dog organisation is The Kennel Club. Their training scheme is called the Good Citizen Dog Scheme and they offer 4 levels: Puppy Foundation Bronze Award Silver Award Gold Award  Luna joined a local dog obedience training class Read More

Everything you need to know about Dachshunds

General Dachshund Knowledge Dachshunds, more commonly known as “Sausage Dogs” are originally from Germany where they were used to hunt badgers and rabbits as well as track animals. This is where the name comes from. “Dach” meaning badger and “Hund” meaning dog. Dachshunds are a member of the Hound group of dogs. Hound dogs include Read More

The Chocolate Incident: What happens when your dog eats chocolate

Nobody ever wants to find out that their dog has stolen some chocolate and scoffed it down. But what do you do if your dog eats chocolate? Luna scared me this week by doing just that so here is our story. Monday My busiest day of the week and although I’d popped in throughout the Read More