Hello! I’m glad you’ve stumbled across my blog. I’m Sam and as you’re here I’m assuming you’re also a massive animal lover too. I am passionate about loving animals and trying to help as many as possible to have the best lives they can through rescuing, fostering, educating and volunteering.

My animals

Picture of a dog


This is Luna, she's a rescue from Romania where she was found living on the streets.

20171130_102524 (2)

Dot, Dash & Duke

Dot (in the igloo) and Dash (Black with Ginger stripe) are sisters who I've had since babies. Duke (White and Ginger) joined the family in 2017 from Raystede Centre for Animal Welfare.

picture of a cat


I've had Banjo since he was a kitten. He's a scaredy cat but loves his belly rubs.

My previous animals

Picture of a cat


Pepper was my best friend growing up. He had dog-like tendencies where he would come when called and greet you at the door.

Picture of fish

splodge & marmite

Splodge was called splodge as he was covered in splodges! Marmite is the black fish and that was his name because I love marmite.

Picture of a tortoise


Tommy was my mum's tortoise from when she was very young. He loved exploring and climbed out of his pen and ran away for a few days one summer.

Picture of a hamster


Moleey looked like a mole from his markings. He was a shy hamster.

Picture of a hamster


Nomnom used to always be hungry hence the name. He also liked to do acrobatics swinging across the top of his cage.

Not to forget Fluffball and Dodgeball (my first guinea pigs). Fluffball was long haired and was basically just a ball of fluff. Unfortunately, I don’t have any pictures of them.