Hello! I’m Sam and as you’re here I’m assuming you’re also a massive animal lover too. I am passionate about animals. My mission is to help as many as possible to have the best lives they can through rescuing, fostering, educating and volunteering. I currently have 9 animals (6 of which are rescues).

My Animals

a black dog in her new home


This is Luna, she’s a rescue from Romania where she was found living on the streets.​

Dot & Duke eating some hay

Dot & Duke

I’ve had Dot (Black/White/Ginger) since she was young. Her sister Dash passed away in July 2020. Duke (White/Ginger) joined the family in 2017 from Raystede Centre for Animal Welfare.

ginger cat stretched out on the floor


I’ve had Banjo since he was a kitten. He’s a scaredy cat but loves his belly rubs.​

a hamster climbing on a wooden toy


Olive is the tamest hamster I’ve met. She loves being held and going on “explorations” in runs I create for her

a group of 4 guinea pigs eating a pile of hay

Delilah, Daisy, Diddy & Dusk

These 4 girls were adopted as a group from Raystede. I knew I had to take them home when Delilah started licking my hand one day while I was holding her!

My Previous Animals

a cat on a homemade bed


Pepper was my best friend growing up. He had dog-like tendencies where he would come when called and greet you at the door.

two fish in a fish tank

Splodge & Marmite

Splodge was called splodge as he was covered in splodges! Marmite is the black fish and that was his name because I love marmite.

a tortoise eating some greens


Tommy was my mum’s tortoise from when she was very young. He loved exploring and climbed out of his pen and ran away for a few days one summer.


Moleey looked like a mole from his markings. He was a shy hamster.​

NomNom sleeping in his wheel


Nomnom used to always be hungry hence the name. He also liked to do acrobatics swinging across the top of his cage.

Fluffball & Dodgeball

These two were my first ever guinea pigs. Fluffball was long haired and was basically just a ball of fluff. Unfortunately, I don’t have any pictures of them.

a guinea pig


Dash lived with her sister Dot & husboar Duke. She was the one who would be most content to sit on your lap and have cuddles.

a long haired hamster


Diego was so fluffy! But not very tame as he hadn’t been handled much in his previous home.